Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Coffee Break

You had phoned me the other day like usual and had asked me over for coffee this morning. I get ready and head over to your place, happy that we're getting a chance to spend some time with each other since it's been so long.
I arrive and knock at your door. You open it and we hug. I set my thing down and make myself comfortable and I look over to see a huge smile on your face.
I ask, "What's up?"
You reply, "Nothing, why?"
"The look on your face doesn't say nothing."
"You always were paranoid, weren't you?" you reply with a laugh.
You get the coffee and surprise me with Baileys, and we start going over our past experiences with this morning's drug of choice. I notice that you move closer to me as we speak and I find myself leaning into you. Taking note that we're out of coffee, I get up and head to your kitchen to get more. You follow me. As I fill the caraffe with water I feel you wrap your arms around me. Startled, I turn around and find your lips on mine. I don't pull away as I find your tongue making it's way to mine. They mingle. You kiss me harder, I return the favor as our mouths open to each other. I pull away for a moment...long enough to ask, "What's this about?"
"We've known each other forever, and we know this attraction has been here just as long. Why don't we conquer it and stop asking 'what if?'"
You lean back in to kiss me and your hands undo my blouse. I likewise reach for your blouse and make quick work of taking it apart. "Why not?" I ask myself, "There's no one here to stop us or find out...You only live once."
I feel your hand on my bra clasp and it gently falling off. Before I get a chance to reach for yours, your mouth is on my nipple...licking and gently sucking. The waves of pleasure that take me over are surprising as I run my fingers through your hair. I moan softly as I here you whisper, "That's it." You switch to the other nipple as I feel your hands move to undo my skirt. I feel my skirt fall to the floor as you stand back up. We kiss again deeply as I undo your bra and place my hands on your breasts. I gently pinch your nipples as I here you moan and move down to take one in my mouth. It feels so good as my tongue moves over it and I start to suck. The moans escaping you are serving to arrouse me. Just as I start to take the other in my mouth you pull me up and with a mischiveous look in your eye, quickly pick up our clothes and lead me to the bathroom.
You shut the door behind us and tell me to finish getting undressed as you start the water in the shower. I follow your directions and as you start the shower, I step in. I get myself warm and wet as you finish undressing. You step into the shower and I let you have the stream of water. As you wet yourself, I resume suckling your nipples, as I feel the water run between them. I hear you moan and take my other hand and touch your slit, as I move behind you. I keep one hand on your breasts and use my finger on your clit as I grind into you. I feel you move with me, and your moans grow louder. Your pussy is getting wetter as I playfully twist your nipple. My finger swirls around and around your clit and I tease you by finally gently inserting my other finger. Your grinding increases and I sense you are close to cumming. Knowing this, I remove my finger and slow my movement on you clit. I hear you moan, "Please more....you don't play fair!" As I feel you buck into me. "Oh, we're not done yet, are we?" I reply.
"You're right, we're not" you reply smiling, as you quickly face me and twist my nipples. "I always knew you were a naughty girl," you say with a smile. "I love that about you, but you also need yours." With that you drop down and all foreplay aside, you burry your face in my pussy. Your tongue targets my clit immediately and unrelentantly seizes it. I can't help but to almost yell my moans as the waves of pleasure immediately take me over. One of your hand reaches up to my nipples and takes it's turn twisting them, giving pain with my pleasure and it's all I can do not to grind into your face; but even that temptation is not avoided as my hips start gently moving in and out with your tongue.
Just then we hear the door and your husband enters. He draws back the curtain to find us. The look on his face is one of shock, and then a happy greed. I look to his pants to see an immediate erection grow.
Instead of any questions, he merely says, "You girls better continue, or I'll tell everyone about this." And with a silent understanding, I feel your tongue resume on my clit and now knowing we have a voyeur, my arrousal is almost uncontrollable. I shut my eyes to enjoy the sensations throughout my body as I hear the water flowing, and your gentle slurps. I hear something else and open my eyes to see your husband with his unleashed cock in his hands pleasuring himself to the site of us. I moan louder and thrust a little harder. I feel you pull away for a sec and rise up to me. I hear you whisper in my ear, "Let's give him a real show." With that you reach to the corner of the tub and pull out the double dildo. I'm so arroused that I practically beg for it. You insert it in me and return the favor and we thrust on it together. I take my finger and rub your clit as I rub my own. I watch you as you play with your nipples as we listen to your husband moan and beg for more. Our thrusts grow faster and our moans louder...practically to screams, as I see you start to cum, it's all I need to send me over I as I feel my juices drip down. I quickly remove the toy and dive down between your legs to lap up your juices and feel you thrust on me. Your husband moves closer to us and feel him cum all over my back, as the stream of water rinses it down.
After we gather ourselves back to normal, we make another coffee date for the same time next week....

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Mission Impossible

We've known each other for years, and over recent months I've talked to you about volunteering. Who would have ever guess that while you took my advice and signed up that we would then be assigned to the same place for three weeks. Who would have also guessed that our significant others would be unable to go....
We meet up at our work site and greet each other with hugs. It's been so long since we have seen each other, yet you still look so good. We aquaint ourselves with our area and then get orders as to which hotel we'll be staying at. Somehow it's not a surprise that we get assigned to the same place.
We finish our first long day of work and I'm anxious to get a good meal and relax. I offer you a ride back to help navigate the new city and you gladly accept. After a few wrong turns, we finally arive. We get our rooms and settle in. I'm unpacking after my shower when I hear a knock at the door.
"Who is it?" I ask

"The Boogie Man..." I hear in a familiar voice.
"Well, I'm in a strange place, I have to ask.." I answer while I open the door.
"Yeah, I figured," you reply. "So whatcha' doing?" You ask as you collapse on my bed.
"Unpacking, obviously..." I reply, trying to supress the butterflies in my stomach.
"Well, whatcha wanna do?" you ask with a grin.
"A nice dinner sounds good. I'm starving." I reply

"Okay." You squirm across my bed to grab the phone book. "What do you feel like?"
"Hmmm, I'm not sure...what's close?" I ask

"By the looks of things, not much. You wanna order in?"
"Sure, surprise me." I say
I hear you on the phone ordering, but the excitement of seeing you, and thoughts running through my head are much too loud to even pay attention to where you've called or what you've ordered. I guess the surprise is on me.
I put my last bit of clothes away and see you get up. "C'mon." you say
"Where are we going? You just ordered IN?"
"We'll go down to the bar. I told them to deliver there." you reply
"Oh great....they have a BAR?" I think to myself. Suddenly eveything that you and I had done in college with each other under the influence came back, and with that I suddenly knew that there really was no hope for me.
I follow you downstairs to the bar and you order us a couple of beers. You start off with small talk and we quickly get on the topic of reminicing. I can hardly believe the details you remember, but it makes for great conversation and some good laughs. Suddenly I realize we're on our third beer, and I being lightweight, am feeling it. Luckily our food has arrived. "That should help some" I think.
You've ordered us pizza, which is exactly what I was craving. As we eat I notice that somehow we're always touching, and in my buzz, I'm enjoying it. You order us yet another beer and we finish our meal.
I look at my watch and realize that I should get to bed if I'm to be productive the next day. You offer to walk me to my room.
As we're walking, you wrap your arm around me. I'm surprised as to how natural it feels and I likewise wrap my arm around you. We get to my door and you look at me and kiss me deeply. And instead of saying goodbye, we're in my room and you've shut the door. We continue to kiss and you lay me back on the bed.
"You okay with this?" you whisper.
And as much as my sober self would be screaming no, all of that is muted and I find myself nodding "yes."
You unbutton my blouse and continue to kiss me hard and deep. I grind into you hard..savoring this feeling. You undo my bra and take your mouth to my nipple....licking and sucking it. I quietly moan in pleasure.
I run my fingers through your hair and pull your shirt off. As I feel you undo my pants. There's too many years of unlived chemistry to worry about going slow at this point. We sense each other's exicitement. I likewise unbutton and unzip your pants and pull them down. I place my hand on your hard cock and rub gently..as I ease your boxers down. I kneel between your legs and take your hard shaft into my mouth and start rubbing the head of your penis with my tongue flicking quickly...I then focus of rubbing your shaft with my tongue as I suck you hard and gain pace. I gently play with your balls as I suck hard and long focussing on pleasuring you. I hear your moans which excite me and cause me move faster and suck harder. I feel your fingers run through my hair as your moans build. I feel you pull away just before you're ready to cum.
I stand up and you lay me gently back on the bed. You tug my bikinis off and to the floor and get on top of me. We kiss passionately again and I feel you pull away and slither down between my legs. Before I realize what you're doing, I feel your tongue on my clit....swirling around and around...it's driving me crazy with lust. I moan in pleasure and feel your tongue quicken. My hips start grinding with your pace. You're getting me so close to cumming, it's all I'm craving. I feel you insert a finger and my cunt quickly wraps around it wanting more. The combination of your tongue and finger is shooting pleasure throughout my body...quicker, faster, harder. In my lust I reach for my nipples and pinch and twist them...I always did enjoy a little pleasure with my pain.
I feel you stop and get on top of me. I feel you insert your cock into my hungry pussy. It wraps around you and milks your shaft. We both moan in pleasure and kiss each other deeply as you pick up the pace. I reach down between us and finger my clit. You watch hungrily and get even more aroused. You take my nipple in your mouth and suck and bite..all driving me crazy. I grind into hard, getting greedy and wanting you harder, faster and deeper. You follow my lust and thrust into me hard and fast...pushing us both to the edge of climax. I as I feel my body give in and juices spill over your cock, I reach around and gently play with your balls. This sends you over the edge as I feel you pull out and spray my tits with your hot load. We lay there for a minute and I reply, "That was amazing."
You ask, "Should we have done that?" I lazily reply, "It's a little late now, and we can discuss that different night."
I expect you to get up and leave, but instead you surprise me and continue to lay with me. As we lay there I realize it's going to be an interesting three weeks...

Monday, December 05, 2005

Here Comes the Rain

Thanks for all the comments while I've been gone. Sorry I haven't written more, but new ideas are few and far between lately so I welcome anything that'll get me going again. Thank you Ladieluvr for your new comment! Please feel free to finish it anytime! Now onto the stuff you came here for...
We met for our first official date last month. I hadn't heard from you since then, so I assumed that would be the end of it. That was until I returned to work from lunch one day and had a message from you to meet that night for dinner.

My heart skipped a beat as I remembered our previous date.
I left a little early from work that afternoon to get ready, as I new that this date would either be the end all or the continuation of what we had started.
I ended up being a little late to meet you. --A combination of prep time and traffic. I took a deep breath as I entered the restaurant and saw you at the table. I walked over and our eyes met. You smiled, got up and seated me.
"You got my message I see," you say.
"Yes dear, I did. So what made you call me now?" I ask.
"Well, I really liked our last date," you reply.
"Yes?" I ask, internally waiting for the word "but".
"So I thought we should have another."
"Oh. Well, great."
Just then the waiter comes over with a bottle of wine and fills our glasses and takes our orders. I take a few sips to calm myself, hoping you'll continue the conversation.
"So how have you been?" you ask.
"Great! Been busy with work and home." I reply
We continue our usual small talk as we both sip our wine. We're both avoiding major issues about us at the moment in order to avoid embarrassment; but I suddenly feel your foot on mine. I subtley return the favor.
Our meals come and we contiue to chat and dine, while the wine flows freely. We're both warming up now and are more comfortable with everything it seems.

Our conversation still however remains quite plutonic as we finish our meals. As I finish my third glass of wine I hear you say, "I wasn't sure if you would come tonight."
"Why wouldn't I?" I ask
"Because I didn't call you for so long and we never talked about our last get together."
"Well, that's why tonight speaks volumes," I reply.
I know you remained confused after my reply but tried to hide it. We got up from out seats and I waited for you at the door. You met me and I thanked you for dinner.
"Can I walk you home?" you ask.
"Sure, if you want," I reply.
As we start walking, it starts to rain. You pull me close and cover me with your coat. You always were a gentleman. As we stop at a crosswalk, you turn to me and we start to kiss..long and lingering. It starts to pour, but we don't mind. We finally slowly pull away and start to cross. We walk slow depite the down pour and see a park up ahead.
You lead me to a pinic table under a tree, and we sit. Somehow all of this reminded me of us in High School. No cares or worries, just the moment.
I'm seated up on the table and you stand in front of me. We kiss deeply again, long and hard. I feel you embrase me and I run my fingers through your hair. It's pouring and we're both sopping wet.
"Should we do this here?" I ask
"No time like the present," you reply.
I feel you undo my blouse and cup my breasts. You reach around and undo my bra. We pull away for a moment so I can take off your wet coat and my top. You move your head down to my breasts and start to suck, lick and bite. I moan in pleasure. Running my fingers through your hair affectionately, wanting more. I watch your tongue circle my nipple and teasingly bite and suck each one. As the rain falls on my bare flesh. I feel your other hand slide between my legs as you pull me closer. I feel your hand tease my pussy through my clothes and I gently grind against it feeling the wonderful sensations as naughty as it is. I pull your head up and we kiss deeply again as I feel your hands making quick work of my skirt. You slide it up and my thong gently to one side. You finger circles my clit and I moan in pleasure and excitement. The combination of the cool rain, our soaked bodies and our lust has washed all logic away as I feel you slip a finger into me. You move it in and out quickly and I lie back enjoying my craving for you. I play and pinch my nipples for you as you finger me, increasing both our excitement. I sit up slowy and reach for the bulge in your pants. I quickly unzip you and reach for your hard cock. I start rubbing you and use my other hand to tease your balls. You moan in my ear, "You don't play nice."
"I never did," I whisper back.
"Paybacks are a bitch," you reply with a smile, as you playfully push me back and shove your cock deep into me. You shove in hard and deep, and I moan loudly, feeling my pussy adjust to your thick cock. Your motions quicken, fucking me hard. My moans grow even louder with lust as I feel you climb ontop of me. I grab your soaked body as we fuck hard and long. You pull away to again suck my tits. I reach around to gently finger your balls. You moan with suprise and fuck me harder yet. With every motion I feel your cock rub me and send waves of pleasure through my body. Longer and stronger each time as I feel my pussy milk your shaft. We're both getting close and grab each other harder. You pound into me and increase your speed which is enough to send me over the edge. I moan and scream as the rain continues to fall on us. I feel you tense and pull out as you spray your load over my tits. We collapse in satisfaction and afterglow for just a minute as we scurry to clothe ourselves again having regained our senses and really realizing we are in public. We look around and laugh.
"So, how long before I hear from you again?" I playfully ask.
"Not as long this time I promise," You reply.
With that you finish walking me home only this time around, it ends like a normal date, with a kiss and a goodnight; as you head back home to your family and I head home to mine.

Monday, November 28, 2005


Looking for new, fresh and kinky ideas! I long to write, but am cumming up dry ;). Please help a girl who could really use some juicy action.....
Longing to please,
Secret Queen

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Chance Encounter

I'm sitting in a crowded club alone and nervous. I know you're due through those doors any minute and I know we both know why we're here. We've been friends for years, but life has not allowed us to be anymore than that physically. We're both married now with kids and lives of our own. However, we both know the spark between us could heat a large town, but we've behaved all along; yet I have a feeling that's all about to change...
I have a drink before you even arrive to cut the nerves and the excitement, and to help me appear calm and even a little aloof. As I down my last swallow, my eye catches you walking in the door searching for me. I gently flag you over and as you come over, I take in how handsome you look. You sit down, compliment me on my dress, and ask if I need another drink. I nod and tell you a cosmo would be great. You order for us and settle in. We chat about our lives and our jobs while never taking our eyes off each other. I can't remember the last time I felt like it was only us in the whole place. I feel my drinks kicking in and I cozy up to you a bit. I forgot how much I missed our comfortable relationship and how safe you always made me feel.
Just as I'm wondering if the alcohol is causing me to do something I may not want, I feel your hand on my leg and your fingers gently rubbing my skin. Your touch sends shivers of excitement through me. I reach in front of you for napkins across the table, playfully knowing it gives you a full view of my cleavage. I know you notice as I feel your arm reach casually around me as I reach and brings me closer to you. I follow your moves and for an instant feel my erect nipples brush up against you. I watch you down the rest of your drink and order another. You offer another to me, but I hold off for the moment.
You start on the subject of your job and the latest business trips you've been on. I listen intently as I playfully rub your foot with mine. You're so cute as you loose your train of thought as you realize what I'm doing. I feel your hand on my leg again, but this time higher and more forceful. I order another drink for both of us but never move from your touch.
I feel you move into me gently and I feel your breath on my neck as you whisper that you missed me. I turn to tell you the same, but instead we kiss deeply and without shame. My mind races thinking about what we're doing. We're both married and have lives and responsibilities, but all of this is muted under the alcohol and the cravings of lust it provokes.
I return your kiss hard. Sending you a message not to quit now. You respond shifting your weight into me as our tongues mingle. After a minute, I pull away knowing that we're in plain site and people are staring. We finish our drinks and you suddenly get up. Just as I start fearing that something went wrong and that you're leaving you turn to me and offer your hand. As I take it I ask you where we're going, but you just smirk and say, "Let's go."
You lead me to the back of the club into a dark room. I ask you where we are and you reply with, "Does it matter?" You kiss me deeply and back me up against the wall. As you kiss my neck I feel your hand on my breast and I respond by grinding into you. I feel you hands making quick work of the buttons on my blouse and as I feel it slip off of me, your hands are unclasping my bra. As I run my fingers through your hair I feel your lips and tongue on my nipple and I let out a small moan. I feel you move to my other nipple and playfully bite. "Ooohhhh," I moan.
I feel how urgently we want each other, and the heat of being in a pulic place. I reach you up to my face and kiss you deeply as my hands reach and pull your shirt off. My hands wander down to the bulge in your pants and playfully rub it. I hear you whisper, "Mmm yesss." As I take my fingers and move the zipper down. I as I pull your pants down I boldly reach for your hard cock...knowing the alcohol is giving me all the confidence and lust I could ever need to quench this thirst that has been brewing for years.
I rub your shaft for a few more seconds as I move to take your boxers down. I pleasantly surprise you as on my way back up, I slide your shaft into my mouth. You gasp in surprise and pleasure and let out a moan. I stimulate the head of your penis with my tongue as I lick it over and over. My tongue moves to licking your shaft as I bring your cock in and out of my mouth faster and deeper. I reach around and play with your balls as I hear your moans grow louder. I'm so gone in lust and desire that I start to deep throat you...wanting to give you an experience you'll never forget. I suck you hard and fast, but you stop me quickly before you cum.
You get forceful in your lust and once again back me up against the wall. I feel your hand shamelessly move up my skirt to discover that I've gone without panties tonight. I'm sopping wet at this point which make it easy for your fingers to slip up around my clit and in my hole. I grind up against you hard, moaning, "Ohhhh Goddd." I suddenly feel you lower and without hesitation I feel your tongue in my juices. You lap at my clit and lick me deep. It takes eveything I have not to grind into your face any harder, but I still manage to move back and forth slightly against your tongue. I feel waves of pleasure throughout my body and I'm moaning so loud it's a wonder that no one has come in.
I feel you suddenly stop, get up and press yourself against me spreading my legs. In your lust you rub your cock between my legs feeling my wetness and then slip it in. You start slowly at first, but both of us want each other so badly that the pace gets quick and forceful within minutes. We moan into each others ears as I wrap my legs around you. You pound me so deep and so hard that the wall starts to hurt my back abit, but it only adds to my pleasure. I feel my juices coating your cock as you thrust into me. I feel your hand work it's way down and rub my clit as you pound me, and I reach my hand and gently finger your balls as we continue. This sends us both quickly into simutaneous orgasms. You quickly pull out and I drop down to catch your seed in my mouth and lick you clean. I feel my juices run and my pussy quiver, and I know none of this was a mistake. We both left that night extremely happy and having an appointment to do it all again next month....

Monday, November 07, 2005

For the Love of the Game

Sorry for the delay in writing this, but between getting sick, my hardrive crashing in my computer and my husband being home all last week, I couldn't find time to write. (Remember, no one I know personally knows about my little site here...including my husband.) So, please forgive me and thank you for all your comments while I'v been gone. I love all of them.
I'm a sophomore in High School finshing up with Softball Practice. It's just me an another girl, Savannah left in the locker room and we're both in the shower rinsing out our hair. All of the sudden we hear a male voice.
"Hello?? Anyone in here?" he asks.
"Yeah!" Savannah yells, "Me and another girl! We're both in the shower! You're not supposed to be in here! This is the GIRLS room!"
"I know, I've worked here for 8 years now," I hear him say calmly right next to us. It's coach!
"I"m sorry I didn't realize it was you, sir," She says. We both try to cover ourselves.
"I gathered that. You're just the two girls I need to talk to. Let's go." Coach orders.
He sits down on the bench by our lockers and waits with his clipboard.
"We need to get dressed first, sir." I say.
"Trust me, there's no need. Come here." He orders.

Savannah and I look at each other and we finish rinsing our hair. She tries to cover herself with a hand towel near her, but it's no use. We both walk over to coach.
"It just so happens that there's two open spots on JV this year, that you girls would fill nicely."
I start jumping up and down in excitement and squealing. JV is the only thing that's been on my mind all year and if I can get there a year early, who knows when I might have a shot at Varisty!
"However," his voice interrupts my joy, "You need to do some things for me first. Furthermore, if you tell anyone about any of this, I'll see to it that you will never make JV or Varisty EVER; and I know that those are way too important to you both to let that happen."
In my excitement I say, "Anything."
Coach gets a smirk on his face and says, "Godd. Kiss her."
"Excuse me?" I ask
"You heard me, kiss her."
I look at Savannah and she looks at me in a way that lets me know that it's ok. We know we don't have a choice. So I lean in and kiss her quickly on the lips.
Coach laughs and says, "You know that's not what I want. Do it right. I want tongue."
I turn to her, lean in and put my lips to hers. I gently push my tongue throught to her mouth and feel her tongue stiffly move with mine for a second, and I pull away.
"That's a start. Now Savannah, lick Lacie's nipples," Coach orders.
Savannah looks at me with panic, and I look to her to let her know that it's okay. She leans down and I feel her warm lips and then her tongue gently flick my nipple. I'm liking it a little, but don't want to show. Apparently, I'm a bad actress because I hear Coach:
"Lacie is liking this...good, so am I."
I look order to see Coach rubbing the bulge in his shorts and although I'm shocked, I'm also aroused.
I feel Savannah switch to my other tit and feel her teeth gently play with my nip. I know's she loosening up a bit, but don't let on.
"Mmmm, this looks hot." Coach purrs as I see him holding his hard cock in his hand. "Lacie come here."
Savannah pulls away and I come over to where he's seated.
"Come sit on me." he growls.
"Sir, I'm underage!" I exclaim
"And that's why you're not going to say a word of this to anyone...which is also all the more reason to enjoy this cause no one will find out. Now sit on me!"
He spins me around to face away from him and eases me down on his thick cock. It hurts a bit, but I don't let on. As my pussy adjusts, it feels better...even enjoyable.
"Mmmm that's it. Now Savannah, come kneel here in front of Lacie. Lacie, you kiss Savannah and make her feel as good as you're about to....relax enjoy this. Make HER enjoy this."
Savannah kneels in front of me and I feel Coach's cock move in and out...and I won't lie, it feels good. I lean in and kiss Savannah hard...forcing my tongue in her mouth and feeling her's meet mine. It's not stiff this time..I know she's loosened up. Just then I feel hands on my chest. Coach has one breast...playing with my nipple and Savannah has the other. I take in the feelings of his cock filling me and these hands all over me. I return the favor to Savannah and play and pinch her nipples. She let's out a small moan. As she moves her fingers to my clit. I moan loudly. I feel Coach react. I bring her chest up to my mouth and kiss, suck and nibble her tits. She moans louder.
"Mmmmm, that's it....make her feel sooo good. Savannah, you'll get a turn here in a minunte, honey I promise. There's enough to go around."
With that, Coach pounds me harder and faster and suddenly stops. He eases me off and I watch him pull Savannah's head down to his cock. She takes it in and it's obvious that she knows what she's doing as I hear the slurping noises and watch her play with his balls. Coach moans and tells me to return the favor as he points to her.
I've never done what he has just asked me to do but I know this wasn't the time or place to admit that. I position myself under Savannah's pussy and feel her lower onto me. I seperate her wet lips and lick around her clit. I hear her moan and lick faster. I'm enjoying her scent and her wetness and the sucking noises and their moans are turning me on more. I lick harder and faster and I feel her grind ontop of me.
"That's it slut...she's loving that!!! And I LOVE what's she's doing to me. Ohhh, Fuck yessssssss...have at those balls! You're my whores...my dirty little sluts," Coach moans.
I keep at her clit, knowing I'm driving her crazy. I feel some movements and realize that Coach has gotten up and has moved behind me. Savannah has pulled away for a sec is laying on her back. Coach directs me to move to my stomach and continue on her.
I do as he orders and feel his thick cock impalling me hard and fast.
"That's it sluts! Give me a show!" he growls.
I seperate her lips and lick her fast and hard. I see her playing and pinching her tits in lust. I feel his cock fill me in and out fast and hard and I love his roughness.
I feel her squirm and hear her almost scream, but she stops herself. I feel her juices flow over my face and move quickly to lap them up.
"Ohhhhh fuck yeahhhh.." I hear Coach moan.
This is is enough to send me over the edge and I feel my juices flow over his cock as I also moan in pleasure. It's shortly after that I feel him abruptly pull out and deposit his load on my back as he moans in pleasure.
We collapse in satisfaction and gather ourselves. Coach assures up that we did a good job and that the JV spots would be ours so long as we didn't say anything. He says that me may call on us again and by the look exchanged between Savannah and I, I don't think we'll mind. In fact, I think we actually enjoyed our "hazing."

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thank you Ladieluvr!!!

Hey all! I'm back from my "adventures" but I'm feeling MAJORLY under-the-weather as I caught a cold Tues. while traveling home. In the meantime, I recieved this Wonderful story in my comments from LADIELUVR and I thought it was definitely good enough to post, so enjoy!!!! I'll be back to my healthy-self soon..

I love the Halloween theme. How about this one? Staying home alone to fend off the trick or treaters while my wife went to her sisters house wasn't my idea of Halloween, but I was soon to change that thought! I was dressed in some boxers and a t-shirt hoping that most people wouldn't know the difference. I had thought all the kids had stopped for the night when I heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door and there stood a small girl (maybe fourteen or fifteen) wearing a very small cheerleader outfit. The skirt was just below her butt cheeks and the shirt was very tight coming to just below her small breasts. I asked if she wasn't a bit old for this and she said her sister was sisck so she was out getting her some candy. I told her that wasn't much of a costume and she replied that it was her own cheer outfit when she was in cheer training in grade school. She could see that I was reluctact to give away candy to a teenager, so she volunteered to perform some routines for me if I'd give her the rest of my loot. I thought this might be very interesting so I invited her in and brought her into the living room. I sat on the couch and she stood in front of me appearing kind of nervous. She excused herself to go to the bathroom and returned rather quickly. Then she began a routine that got me instantly excited! First she started a regular cheer, but when she kicked up her leg at the end I could tell that she had removed her panties in the bathroom. From the quick glance it looked like she had no hair either! She continued by turning around with another routine and I could clearly see her sweet little ass peeking out from under the skirt as she bounced up and down. By now my cock was hard as ever and was beginning to peek out of the front of my boxers. I think she noticed this because she continued her cheers but inched closer and kept staring at my cock head as she cheered more vigorously. She said she had another cheer but would need my help and asked if I could catch her leg when she kicked up. I readily agreed and when she got to that portion of the cheer I caught her leg on cue.I had leaned forward on the couch to help and she was standing really close by then so when I caught her leg I could see her sweet little hairless pussy and her juices flowing just outside on her lips. When I let go of her leg she said there was one more cheer but I'd have to be like her cheer partner so the routine would work. I was happy to oblige! When I stood up my cock was pointing straight out and she couldn't keep her eyes off of it! She said that she'd start her cheer but then I'd have to lift her up high in the air at the end. When it came time to lift her, I grabbed her waist and hoisted her high, moving my hand at the last minute to have her sit on my hand. My hand ended up with my fingers in the crevise of her sweet ass barely touching her little pussy! Was she ever wet!I told her she was very naughty doing her cheer without panties and that I thought she deserved a spanking. When I let her down I told her to lay across my lap. When she did I lifter her skirt to reveal her sweet ass! She opened her legs when I did that and I swatted her ass letting my hand rest on her cheek when it hit. I caressed her ass with my fingers easing down into her pussy and she was squirming all over my lap. I could feel my cock snaking between her legs. I slapped her ass again and she ground her little pussy all over my raging cock! Of course when I felt her do that I slapped her a couple more times!! After a few more and lubricating my cock with her sweet juices, I lifted her up to sit next to me on the couch. I immediately opened her legs and began licking her sweet little pussy. As she moaned, I tickled her clittie with my tongue. I slipped a finger into her tight pussy and continued flicking her clittie with my tongue. She was moaning so loud now that I decided to turn her aroudn so she could fill her mouth with my cock. As soon as I turned her around, she grabbed ahold of my cock and started licking and sucking on it! The more I flicked her clittie the faster she sucked! Finally I couldn't take it any longer and I lifted her up and sat her on my lap. She squirmed and ground on my cock till it was buried to the hilt! Then she started riding me like she was at the horse races! After a minute or two she was moaning so loud I knew she was cuming! Then I lifted her again and placed her on her back. I started stroking her sweet bald pussy faster and faster till I was ready to burst. Then I pulled it out and squirted on her little cheer skirt! When she straightened up I poured what was left of the candy into her bag and saw her to the door. I told her she could cum back any time!!!

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